Team Connection + Commitments

In this half-day workshop, participants will get to know each other as individuals, strengthening personal and professional relationships. Through storytelling exercises and small group discussions, the group will come away with a set of shared team commitments that build a positive and productive team culture.


This “Workshop in a Box” includes:

  • AYC: Team Connection – Deck
    • Complete slide deck with icebreakers, prompts for individual sharing and team discussion
  • AYC: Team Connection – Facilitator Guide
    • Slide-by-slide notes, VO thought-starters, and follow-up prompts
  • What to expect email to share with participants
    • Draft language to use in email sharing the upcoming workshop with your team; Includes a pre-work/thinking exercise to help participants come prepared to share
  • Team Commitments – Small Groups
    • Downloadable PPT Template for small group discussion
  • Team Commitments – Facilitator Template
    • Downloadable PPT Template for facilitator to compile outputs from small groups and document the teams’ agreed upon commitments